Working papers

  1. "Collective Information Acquisition" (First draft, 9/20), joint with Ran Eilat (Supplementary appendix).
  2. "Cheating with (recursive) Models" (First draft, 9/19, Corona draft, 5/20), joint with Ran Spiegler and Yair Weiss.
  3. "Bayesian Privacy" (First draft, 2/19. This draft, 1/20), joint with Ran Eilat and Xiaosheng Mu.
  4. "Strategic Interpretations" (First draft, 1/19, This draft, 3/20), joint with Ran Spiegler and Heidi Thysen.
  5. "On Persuasion with Endogenous Misspecified Beliefs" (First draft, 12/19), joint with Ran Spiegler and Heidi Thysen (a follow up note to "Strategic Interpretations"). 
  6. "Providing Consumers with Sale Information: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Online Supermarket Shopping." (Revised, 8/19), joint with Orli Oren-Kolbinger and Sarit Weisburd.
  7. "On Incentive Compatible Estimators" (First draft, 6/20), joint with Ran Spiegler.


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